September 01, 2000

Summer Winds Up

There isn't much to report, but I took a couple of pictures on my bike grind up to the Bear's Den, so I thought I would check in. I could of course have taken the chair up, but where would the pain be in that? It will be a moot point soon, for this will be the last weekend for the chair rides, not to mention our kid's summer vacation. Life should be much quieter beginning next week. :-)

There has been a helicopter buzzing around for the last few days. I suspected that it was being used to pour the foundations for lift towers that were not road accessible and yesterday saw it with what appeared to be a cement bucket. Despite the good flying conditions today, it was no where to be seen, suggesting that they are now done with that phase. I haven't seen any evidence of the lift towers themselves yet, but we are all hoping that the monster Sikorsky, that they used for the Timber and White Pass chairs, will put in a repeat performance.

Anyone who has property up on the hill should try and make it to our community association meeting, which will be held this Saturday at one P.M. in the day lodge. You can check out the preliminary agenda at our web site <>. If you can't make it and we don't have your email address in our community association database, please let me know so that we can keep you up to date.

There was white on the Three Sisters the other day - opening day is in three months and counting. :-)

Got marshmallows? One of the huge burn piles awaiting wetter days so we can continue to enjoy fresh wood smoked mountain air. ;-)

The base of what the local paper says will be called the Great Bear Chair. I am standing just at the edge of Power Trip and another big burn pile sits out on the Lizard Trail flats.

Looking up the old T-Bar line with the new route from Bear in the center right and a bit of of the forlorn T-Bar base building at the extreme right. In the higher resolution pictures, you might be able to make out a couple of pickup in the center left, where I think they were removing forms from one of the new lift tower foundations.