June 08, 2000

Cruising Through Spring

There isn't really much to report as far and things FAR go, but I had a few pictures I didn't know what to do with, so I thought I would stick them in a report.

Spring is delightful around here (when it isn't raining), with nice lush green valleys, snow capped peaks and lots of wild life. The snow has gone up far enough and at least some trails are dry enough for some great mountain biking and at least low level hiking. While I have seen lots of tracks and scat, I am pleased to report that so far I have managed to avoid seeing even a single bear this season. Not so with our ungulate friends though, who seem particularly fond of hanging out near the house, thereby making my gardening wife rather nervous. We have one cat that for some reason fascinates deer and they can be particularly bold in trying to get close to him. He tolerates this with typical cat disdain and no apparent concern.

Anyone interested in the final version of the Official Community Plan for the ski hill, can find a copy on our community association site at http://fsvca.redtree.com. This has now been passed by the Regional District and barring something unforeseen should go into effect in early July.

The last rumours I heard had the new Bear's Den joining the daylodge in the not this year bucket, but suggested that the replacement lifts were likely although not yet a certainty. It would seem that Charlie's pockets may not be quite as deep as they were at first.

A feeble attempt at making a shot of the Griz Peak artistic by framing it with the blooms of our crab apple tree.

A more informative shot from our front porch gives an idea of the snow level (taken last week).

Zooming in on Polar Peak and sky dive.

A young moose apparently checking out our raspberry plants.

A trio of bambis loiters in the back yard while working up an appetite for my wife's garden.