May 18, 2000

Lifts are Easier

I am once again blessed with a decent digital camera and of course I had to take this new toy on my little walk today. This resulted in a frenzy of picture taking which seemed to require some justification and since I hadn't posted a report in a while ...

Beyond the obvious comments about things like weather (lots of rain with some nice days recently), there isn't a lot new to report. The snow line continues its steady march up the hill, but the low snow pack means that spring flood worries are at a minimum. Of course construction is once again if full swing, but not at the fevered pitch of last year. Most of the construction currently consists of finishing up the Highline subdivision and I don't believe there will be any major new buildings in the village core. The day lodge will live to see another year and the main thing going on in the core right now is a renovation of the washrooms in the Tamarack building.

I know the hill hopes to replace the Bear's Den with a real mid mountain lodge this year, as well as replace the Bear T-Bar and convert the Elk Chair into a detachable, but so far there is no definite word on which, if any, of these things will actually manage to happen this summer.

The Official Community Plan for the hill was passed by the local authorities and will probably become law this summer after review by Ministry officials. So at some point the hill will probably be busy adding services for the lots in the new subdivision (Timber Landing?) to the South of us. I think they are hoping to be able to take deposits on the lots this fall.

Spring is bear season around here and while I have not encountered any yet, a large black and a small grizzly, probably a yearling, have been seen near the houses. Unfortunately some folks are still careless with their garbage and do things like putting it out on their deck. This will almost certainly will lead to more dead bears. :-(

Sorry about all the picture.

The snow line is now just above the Bear's Den as illustrated by this shot up Lizard Bowl. Freeway is on the left and part of China Wall is on the right.

The ski hill folks conveniently plowed all the snow off of the Tower Six cat track, thus providing easy walking up despite the significant remaining snow. It was a great day for a walk on the mountain, with chirping birds, gushing water and splashes of sun all adding to the normal charm of being up there.

Only the portion between the top of Boomerang and the top of Bear required walking on snow and even it had been plowed and was fairly firm.

There is still lots of snow in upper Lizard Bowl. The shack at the bottom of the face lift looks a little sick though.

Farther down in Lizard Bowl there was still enough snow to make we wish I had brought my skis.

Cedar Bowl also looked rather fine.

Looking down a somewhat misty Elk Valley at the town of Fernie from the top of the Boom Chair.

Ye, though I walk through the valley of snow, I shall fear no thirst, for the Pantry is with me. The on hill store scores its liquor store license and lays in a stock of wine, beer and spirits. Watch out for more typos in future reports. :-)