April 22, 2000

Pitter, Patter, Puddle

The poor PPP (actually Powder, Peddle, Paddle) just could not win with the weather gods this year. First the race was postponed for a week by snow and then after several days of warm sunshine the rain arrived for today's race. For any that don't know, the race is a four part relay consisting of a mass race down through Cedar Bowl and along Cedar Trail to the base, followed by a bike trip into town, a paddle back down the Elk River to the foot of the Ski Hill road and finally a foot race back up to the base area. There are categories for men's, women's and mixed teams as well as for men and women soloists.

Despite the inclement weather the times were quick, with the first place team finishing in 55 minutes something. The complete results are available here.

As to the skiing? Well I don't really know because for once I was smart enough to come in out of the rain. Certainly the bottom of the hill looks significantly sicker than it did a couple of days ago and it is clear the end is near. I think one could safely guess slushy even without actually trying it out.

The first biker rounds the corner by our house.

As you can see there is almost no snow left in our yards now.

The pack rumbles down our street. :-)

The joy (???) of victory.