April 16, 2000

ACL Special

Yes, it was one of those days that helps keep orthopedic surgeons in new Mercedes. The day started sunny and warm and by the time my wife and I headed out a bit before noon, the boot deep powder of yesterday had collapsed into a few centimeters of heavy paste.

One pretty much had to go straight on gentle lower runs like lower Incline or even lower Linda's run. At least the ice underneath, which had made yesterday's powder only okay, had softened. On steeper runs though, the now heavy new snow had a habit of sliding off of the firmer stuff underneath. Snake Ridge and Siberia Ridge were closed, presumably because of this, and even where open the snow sometimes had a disconcerting habit of slipping away from you. Generally though it was just basic porridge skiing and if you could keep it smooth and had enough slope to supply some horsepower, it could be pretty entertaining.

I doubt if everyone (anyone?) would agree with that though. Chris certainly seemed less than enamored with it and I heard comments from others along the lines of 'bloody awful'.

Still no pictures - what a slacker! Indeed that is exactly the case for I am trying out some different scenarios in case I should decide to do these reports again next year. I know the pictures are very popular, but they are also quite time consuming, so I am toying with less frequent reports (note no report yesterday) and even less frequent pictures. Of course my dissatisfaction with using my old camera probably has an influence as well.

Around one o'clock the clouds moved in and brought with them a light rain and a drop in temperature. At three thirty it is still raining and the temperature at the house is 6 C.