April 14, 2000

PPP Postponed

The frigid blast that blew in yesterday has resulted in conditions that would probably only be safe for the runners in the Powder, Peddle, Paddle race, so the hill has wisely decided to postpone it a week to April 22.

I skipped skiing yesterday so I could get some stuff done and be able to ski the big dump promised for today by Environment Canada. That was probably fortunate even though the deepest snow I could find today couldn't quite manage to cover my toe pieces, for it was an obvious improvement over what must have been a truly horrible day yesterday. As it was today was just a medium horrible day, although only the lack of people to scrap away that thin coating kept it from being much worse.

There wasn't all that much to ski today, for all of Cedar and Currie were closed due to the ice and only groomed runs were really skiable. I arrived at the top of White Pass and realized that with Currie closed and the runs descending into Timber not even fit for mad dogs or Englishmen, that I would end up doing something I never had before - ski all the way down Falling Star from the top. There is a lot more area there than I realized, very flat area to be sure, but appropriate for the drifts on ice conditions.

At ten to one it is a not so balmy -8 C and in places up on the mountain a cutting wind made it seem much cooler.

No pictures today.