April 12, 2000

The Big Melt Continues

I was out yesterday around lunch and nicely caught the desired spring melt window, but that turned out to be too late today. The haze that had protected the slopes was gone this morning and the sun did its thermonuclear fury bit on any snow it came in contact with. It was already well past 10 C at the house when I headed out just past eleven and the South facing slopes were already well on their way to mush.

It wasn't a good day for traversing, as a very slow trip to Red Tree proved, and it was hard to say the sticky goop I found when I got there was really worth the trip. Still I suspect it was much better than truly sun rotted stuff I crossed on Snake Main.

For those that find porridge skiing a bit dull, a trip down Cedar Ridge might have proved entertaining. The alternating slick and mushy areas, often changing repeated in mid turn with no apparent correlation with sun and shade, did help to keep you focused. :-)

Some of the cruiser runs briefly had that ultra silky texture that occurs on the transition to corn, but they seemed to proceed on to sloppy and heavy rather quickly. I did do a run right down Boomerang (unusual for me, due to chair shyness) that was surprisingly good, at least in light of my rather reduced expectations. I did have to pole my way out the end of the traverse to Bear though.

Some sticks and stumps, and on some lower runs even some bare spots, are starting to appear, but with a few exceptions these are not yet a serious problem. There are twelve days left though.

Around one PM the clouds started to roll in and as I write this a little before five thirty, it is pretty much completely overcast, with the rain I heard rumours of certainly looking possible. It is 11 C at the house.

The base are doesn't look all that winter like these days.

The traverse to the Currie Chutes was blocked by this slide that had come off of Polar Peak. The debris was pretty thick and ugly and no one had yet tried to break trail. Neither did I.

Next chair to base now departing from balcony two. :-)

The view down Red Tree. I wonder if I will be back this season?

Looking across Cedar Ridge with the town of Fernie in the back ground. The skiing was, um, interesting.