April 08, 2000

Broiled, Baked or Fried?

It was a sizzler out there today and while the skiing varied wildly from pretty good to pretty ugly, it was always just really good to be up on the mountain. There had even been a dollop or two of powder lurking on shady North facing slopes in the morning, but most areas that weren't groomed or well trampled soon became pretty gooey and by afternoon some of the lower slopes were pure Fernie Bondfast. Chris and I pretty much avoided the really sun baked slopes with Southern exposures and had a good time, but by two o'clock it was getting soupy enough for us to be happy to call it a day.

Twigs and some dirt spots are appearing in a few places, but so far the coverage is still generally very good. Days like this must take their toll though.

At 5:30 PM the porch thermometer is reporting 20 C despite being in the shade, but the porch itself is cooking in the sun. It is certainly warm enough out there is sit around in a T-shirt. Apart from a couple of thin guys off in the distance, it still appears to be cloudless.

The extreme hazard area of Snake Ridge, with parts of Snake Main and the KC chutes at the left.

The bottom of the possibly soon to be departed Bear T-Bar, with Easter Bowl in the background.

Looking back towards the top of White Pass from the South side of Currie.

Polar Peak from the top of the Currie Powder run.