March 31, 2000

The Good, the Bad and the Shady

The sun was out pretty much all day, although some bands of thin cloud dimmed its softening power a bit around noon. This made it a pretty typical spring ski day with all the good, and bad, that implies. Once again the sun was king and I am sure a well honed ability to judge incidence angles, bake times and shadow travel would have stood you in good stead. Too bad I don't have any of those abilities. Still only a moron would have tried skiing deep shade slopes like Cedar Ridge and in fact I didn't enjoy it at all. :-) I cut into it off of the top of the T-Bar and only skied a bit of its ice and frozen lumps before bailing out to Cruiser, which wasn't all that much of a treat either. I later heard that Cedar Ridge had ice closure signs along North Ridge, but I apparently didn't look that way when riding Boom.

In contrast slopes on the sunny side of the hill like, well Sunnyside, were soft and had some great skiing. Currie Chutes were particularly sweet as long as you watched for shady spots. Also the cruisers could be nice if you are into that kind of thing. I did a cruiser run down Cascade from the Face Lift and it was pretty nice with firm but grippy snow up top. However it only took a little shade to find yourself in ice city. Freeway was particularly delightful in this regard (surprise, surprise).

At quarter past four it is 15 C on my sun drenched porch and my wife reports the van thermometer was running 13 C on a recent trip to town. Okay, we have now done spring. Could we have a little more winter and fresh snow please?

Upper Cedar Bowl while Downhill Dude contemplates his next rush.

The unknown delights or perils of Steep and Deep.

Looking straight up Bow in Lizard Bowl