March 28, 2000

A Quick Circuit without Gusto

As I walked up the ski hill road in the rain this morning to attend a meeting on our Official Community Plan, the skiing prospects did not look promising. Lots of folks dressed in baggies were pressing on with brave faces, but a slope free day looked pretty attractive to me. However by noon the rain had stopped and it even looked like it might clear up, so I headed out to investigate.

It proved to be rather ugly on the upper part of the mountain and nice and soft on the lower part. Of course you will recall that the lower part is the dull flat part. There was some new stuff up top, but generally not nearly enough to mask the frozen ice and crunchies underneath. There were a few isolated turns that were exceptions, but not enough to count. Sunnyside stood out in my trek as being particularly gruesome. After the bright skies and lovely mush of the last couple of days, it was hard to work up any significant enthusiasm.

At 5:15 PM it is 5 C at the house and overcast with a bit of wind.

Cedar Ridge from Lower Cedar Main.

Lizard Bowl with Easter in the background from the top of not so Sunnyside.

Currie Bowl and the Elk Valley.