March 19, 2000

Short but Sweet

I was only out for a short time this morning, but the quality made up for the lack of quantity. Much of the hill was closed at first, so new openings served to feed the powder frenzy. Except at the very bottom of the hill, the snow was high quality and very pleasant to ski and with a little cunning you could keep the freshies coming. There were a lot more people around today though and we were in at least one line up at the Boom chair that extended past the corral.

It was snowing this morning, but the sun started showing up about noon and it now looks sunny and probably warm up there, which may not bode well for tomorrow's snow quality. Despite the clearing sky, I heard that the White Pass avalauncher was out of commission and so Currie was unlikely to open today.

At 2:30 it is 4 C at the house with a mix of sun and cloud.

The hordes come to graze on the powder. Cruiser just after it opened.

Snake main had some very nice lines, at least temporarily

The gully at the bottom of Snake Main. The extreme hazard area has a large crack half way down and is closed.