March 18, 2000

An Excellent Afternoon!

Cell phones are wonderful things. A friend riding up a chairlift called me this morning to tell me it was great out and asked if I was heading out. Being lazy and under-caffinated, I stalled and arranged to meet him and his wife after lunch for what turned out to be a delightful afternoon of playing in the powder. It snowed quite heavily at times and this combined with a strong wind to produce a powerful track eraser. Late on a Saturday afternoon during spring break season, we were cutting fresh tracks, often with no others in sight.

While the cat skiing on Thursday at FWA had been a lot of fun, we probably skied twice the vertical this afternoon with many, if not most of the runs being decidedly superior to anything on Thursday. Of course the cat guys will be able to keep serving up powder long after our has been sliced and diced, but a good day at the hill is hard to beat.

Just about everything was open and we had great runs down Anaconda Glades (complete with intimidating surface sluffs), Surprise Chutes (didn't cross a track), Easter Bowl (so good we had to go back for more) and Steep and Deep (just a touch of crud and a few more tracks to offend our now jaded tastes) and of course others. Even Sunnyside, which was well traveled and soft packed, was exceptionally silky and smooth. Only on the very bottom runs did things get rather sticky near the end of the day.

Despite whatever spring breaks might be happening, crowds were not an issue and lift lines ranged from nonexistent to just a few people.

At a little past six this evening, it is 1 C at the house and snowing lightly.

The foggy and cliffy top of the ridge over the Knot Chutes.

The Anaconda Glades were excellent, but you had better like your trees tight and your slopes steep, a lot steeper than it appears here.

The top of Easter Bowl from just below the cling on rope. Sweetness indeed!

Making turns in the Easter powder.

The bottom pinch point of one of the Windows Chutes.