March 09, 2000

A Very Brief Peek

This report is based on what was essentially just two runs, so it is even less comprehensive than usual.

Never fear though, the brevity of my excursion was occasioned by a kid home sick and a spouse who had to go out, rather than some sort of particularly unfriendly conditions on the slopes. What I did see was usual mixed bag of conditions that has been pretty common recently. Up on Concussion Chute, there was chopped and slightly stiff snow that was probably fine, but not as smooth as I hoped for. Farther down there were rather nice moguls until you got to the crust line just above the gully. The gully moguls were still not too bad to ski, but you had to watch the slick patches.

The Face Lift opened this morning in Lizard, but it was about the only place on the hill with a line up, so I gave it a pass in deference to my tight schedule. The snow over between Cascade and Dancer was similar to the well chopped stuff in Currie, but seemed a bit softer to me. Freeway was a mess though with big sheets of ice and some exposed twigs and grass. Even the edges of the run were pretty beaten up. The couple of lower groomed runs I was on seemed fine, but rather firm near the bottom although that probably changed later in the day.

More important than the snow, the beer conditions improved noticeably today with the opening of a Kelsey's restaurant in the Cornerstone Lodge. :-) This is being managed by Dave 'Wally' Wall who is a long time Fernie character and a true scholar of the art of having a good time. If the food and service displayed at their grand opening party last night are any indication, Wally's will be a great addition to the hill. ;-)

At 3:20 PM the porch thermometer would have you believe the temperature is 11C, but it is now right in the afternoon sun. It is warm though.

Wally's, um, I mean Kelsey's, the new restaurant and bar in the Cornerstone Lodge (right by the Deer Lift). The wood and stone work are very nice and not exactly your run of the mill Kelsey's.

Where the 'Currie Chutes' traverse splits off from Currie Powder.

Concussion Chute, I think.

Lizard Bowl from the edge of Cascade. Dancer and Easter Bowl are on the right.