March 07, 2000

Getting Pretty Nice

It snowed again last night and while I only got out for a quick few ones this morning, they were generally pretty fine runs. To be sure, the crust is still evident under the new snow on lower slopes that are fairly steep and unfortunately by lower, I mean anything much below the traverse from the Bear T-Bar. However even in these areas, there was enough covering to make it pretty good. On less steep slopes you would bottom out less often and for the first time in a while, newly groomed runs truly were excellent.

We did not witness the opening of Currie, but I hear it was the normal frenzy. When we arrived a little bit later, it was well chopped, but still most enjoyable boot high or better powder. The underlying ice became evident somewhere above the gully, but even down there the new stuff was abundant enough to keep things pleasant. Only the Face Lift remained closed.

The one disturbing note is that it is quite warm on the lower mountain. Right now, 2:45 PM, it is 4 C at the house with lots of melting going on in the intermittent sun.

The Currie side of the ridge and the White Pass gun tower.

Looking up Currie from the vicinity of lower Cornice Chute. I noticed there is now a sign at the start of the traverse that refers to the Concussion Chutes as the 'Currie Chutes'. I guess I will have to amend my nomenclature in the future.

Cedar Ridge from the middle of Cruiser. The top of the Boom chair is in the upper right.

Sunnyside was trying hard to live up to its name today.