February 28, 2000

Just Okay

I was tired and out of sorts this morning and only drawn to the hill by the promise of fresh snow. Add to that the fact I am writing this at eight PM after having walked back from town in the wet snow and have not yet had dinner, you might find this to be a rather cryptic and perhaps even less objective report than normal.

There was new snow morning and up top it was ankle to boot deep (if you have low boots) and pleasant enough to ski. However it was rather dense and heavy and certainly not what I would call powder. As you descended, it generally became thinner and wetter. In fact I think if rained last night at the house. Still this new wet covering did soften up the hard stuff at the bottom of the hill, at least temporarily. The groomed runs I was on were usually grippy and even somewhat grabby at times. It made for fine, but not exceptional cruising.

While the heavy snow had reduced, but not eliminated, the slick spots in the moguls, whether this was an improvement or not would have depended on your taste for the heavy chopped that now lurked in the troughs.

At 8:20 PM it is 1 C at the house and the snow has just about stops (it figures).

Currie Bowl from just above the gully.

Cedar Bowl from the top of Bear.

Red Tree.

Cedar Ridge

Cedar Bowl from near the bottom.