February 25, 2000

Spring Like

And I don't mean that in a good way. Rather I am thinking of crispy mornings with frozen balls of pain glued to slick moguls. That was the story on much of the hill today if you left the groomed runs. It was still soft way up top and some decent turns were available up there, particularly off of White Pass. Of course this made it a popular place to be and even the soft snow was being worked over pretty quickly. Lower Heartland had little soft moguls separated by large slick plains and parts of Cedar Ridge and Currie Bowl had some truly mega moguls. We still got some nice turns over on the Concussion Chutes, but the good stuff did not seem as good or last as low as yesterday. Once you were down to the gully, it was slick city.

The groomed runs were okay up top, but generally very firm down lower. We left just after lunch time and things may have improved later in the sunshine. A run down Wallaby was surprisingly good in sun softened snow and this led us to hope that Sunnyside would live up to its name and be soft. It was in fact not too bad, large moguls notwithstanding, until about half way down when crunchies and death cookies took over. It sounds like Boomerang was similar for in the locker room a friend had this simple advice about it, "Don't go there".

At 6:30 it is-1 C and overcast at the house.

Looking across the Concussion Chutes in Currie.

Looking uphill from the same location.

Lower Cedar Bowl from the side of Cruiser. The gully that separates the cat track like lower Cruiser from lower Cedar Main is visible in the center of the picture.

Sunnyside at about the start of the death cookie zone.