February 22, 2000

Rain Sucks!

Particularly in winter, at a ski resort, inside my house, at night, all night. Yes the Fernie curse returned last night about dinner time and it rained all night and conclusively demonstrated that our war with the ice dams on our roof is far from won.

After a pleasant morning of ice hacking and bashing, I decided to take advantage of a break in the rain to go and check out what happened on the slopes. After all the official report was promising 'New Snow on Top', although they seemed to neglect to mention its more liquid sibling everywhere else. They weren't lying, although toe deep rain wetted snow might not be everyone's first choice. It probably didn't rain all the way to the top of White Pass, but the thin new snow was fairly heavy even at the top. Near the top of Concussion Chutes it was pretty pleasant and reminiscent of a nice blow in. Of course it got progressively heavier as you descended, but at least any hard spots seemed to have been softened by the rain.

At the top of Bear there was a little bit more snow, but it was very heavy - sort of like skiing in a thin layer of carpenter's glue. In truth I rather liked this stuff and particularly the smooth slow motion effect it gave the moguls of Sunnyside. I am rather perverted when it comes to this stuff though and I don't think many folks would have shared my endorsement. If I hadn't had other commitments though, I probably would have been happy to play in this sludge all afternoon. The fact the rain started again helped relieve any disappointment though.

At 3:00 PM it is 1 C and raining lightly at the house.

The view, such as it was, from the top of the Timber Express.

Near the bottom of Currie, with the Bootleg Glades in the background.

Obviously it was a crummy day for outdoor pictures, so I took some pictures of the new establishments n the Cornerstone Lodge. This is the Mean Bean, a coffee shop that touts its Starbuck's coffee.

Carosella is a successful in town gift shop started by some local ladies several years ago. They are now opening a second store up on the hill. This isn't really my kind of thing, but my wife likes their stuff and I can confirm they have killer fudge. :-)

Juice Babies. I don't really know much about this place, but it looks interesting and we will have to try it out sometime.