February 16, 2000

Powder and Sun!

Fresh light powder and brilliant sunshine are not frequent companions, so it is definitely a treat when they arrive together. There was some truly superb skiing available today, but you did need to time things well if you wanted to ski anything fresh. In the morning Snake Ridge seemed to be the place to be and the light knee deep or better powder billowed up around you in a most delightful way. By the time you got down to the level of lower Gorbi Bowl the underlying ice made itself known and the skiing became a bit tricky, but the upper stuff was pure gold.

Once again there were lots of people about, so things became tracked and chopped very quickly, but this still left excellent skiing on the upper mountain. Lower down the ice underneath made things much less pleasant unless you stayed on the groomed runs which were very good indeed.

By about lunch time a large crowd had collected at the top of Currie Bowl in anticipation of it being opened. I generally avoid such things, but happened to have stopped to take a picture of the hoards and chat with friends when the big moment came. Someone had apparently been playing with the slip knot in the line and the patroller could not get it undone quickly, so the anxious masses just surged through the rope and headed out as a big blob on the cat track traverse. I wondered if the poor patrollers trying to take down the line might not just get swept away, but they managed to hold their ground.

We waited for a bit for the worst of the snarl to clear and I had several good chuckles just watching the frenzy. We headed down in the Tom's Run, Cornice Chutes area and while I didn't think the snow was quite as fine as on Snake, it was still excellent and the pitch and length made for a the best run of the day or the last many days for that matter. We did a quick cycle back up the Timber and White Pass lifts, but by then everything was sliced and diced and there were even slick scraped spots up near the top. Once down a bit the chopped snow still made for very nice skiing, but not in the same caliber as the uncut snow. Apparently the best one can now hope for now is one run in Currie before it is trashed. Sigh.

At 3:20 the porch thermometer is claiming 7 C, but it is in the sun at the moment. Still there are puddles on my driveway, so it is fairly warm.

Mmmm, mmmm, good on Snake Ridge.

Cruising the fluff on Snake Main.

Looking across the top of Shakey's Acres.

The still closed, but soon to be opened, Currie Bowl.

Feeding time at the Currie Zoo.