February 15, 2000

Fernie Magic! - R.I.P.

The much hoped for dump arrived last night in the form of about 30 cm of fluffy snow from the top of the hill to the bottom. This of course produced some truly excellent skiing on the upper mountain and while the underlying hard stuff was still waiting underneath on the lower runs, even there it was a great improvement.

Despite this fluffy bounty, I found myself going through the stirring and swishing motions rather despondently. The problem was the hordes of people and the realization that the fellow I rode up the T-Bar with was right when he said that the old Fernie skiing is gone forever. Not only was the limited open terrain well worked over by ten o'clock, I stood in line for perhaps 10 minutes to get on the Boom chair on a Tuesday before the start of the spring break rush. It doesn't seem that long ago that I remember skiing to that chair on a day with as good or better powder and the only wait being for the liftie to come out of the shack to load me. The aggressive and unrepentant line cutting (why is it always young boarders?) did little to improve my spirits.

The old days are gone forever and there is no putting the genie back in the bottle now, so I guess one should just enjoy the snow, and enjoyable it was. Knee deep, light easy skiing is not too hard to take at all. Some care was needed to avoid unpleasant transitions as the harder stuff underneath was exposed, so flat out powder flying wasn't always wise, but otherwise it was very nice indeed.

As might be expected, not much terrain was open this morning. Cedar Ridge and lower Cedar were open, but Lizard was closed except for Sun Up and of course all of Currie was closed. Everything on the skiers right of Timber was also closed, although you might not have known it by the number of people ignoring the signs. Siberia Bowl and ridge were both open. It was actually sunny for a while when I left the hill around noon and I thought they would probably open a bunch of stuff this afternoon, but it is snowing harder again, so perhaps not.

At 2:30 PM it is -3 C at the house and snowing.

Sweet fluff on Cedar Ridge.

However the price was crowds on Boom Chair - on a Tuesday - before spring break. :-(

Good grief! Apparently gold must have been found up on Siberia Ridge.

A nice looking chute in Siberia, but at this elevation the crunchies were all too apparent underneath

Damn, I forgot the chain saw again. A little exploring resulted in a little more of a deep woods experience than I wished for. In here the fluff on top did little to hide the ice underneath.