February 08, 2000

Humidity Challenged

I just checked the hill's web site and somehow they have managed to forget to mention the rain that has been pouring down all day. They do mention new powder in the upper bowls, but I wouldn't know as I chose to spend a relaxing day shoveling heavy snow and beating ice dams on my roof in an attempt to avoid having an indoor pool we never planned for. I am rather less than comfortable with heights though and I have now punted to professional types for a more thorough job.

My neighbor was up on the hill though and he reports that the snow up top was creamy and very nice. The rain line in the morning was about the bottom of Bear, but he said he had heard it had moved up to about the top of the Boom chair by this afternoon. The forecast is for the precipitation to continue overnight, but hopefully in the form of snow.

At ten to four in the afternoon it is 1 C and pouring rain at the house.

At least the rain is melting the snow in the driveway.