February 02, 2000


The rain that started while I was writing yesterday's report, continued throughout the evening, but seemed to have stopped by midnight. It remained warm though and was still 2 C at the house. The morning light revealed the trees above about the top of Deer still clung to the snow on their branches, suggesting the rain at least hadn't gone to the top. What would the snow be like though?

It turned out not to be as bad as it might have been. However heavy ankle to boot high crud is certainly not to everyone's taste, even when it falls well short of being real gumbo. Personally I don't mind this stuff and had some good turns in it and even did a little deep woods exploring that turned up a few spots of pretty passable powder. I guess for me soft is almost always better than hard, so I had more gripes today with some of the groomed runs than with the off trail stuff. It isn't that they were particularly icy or difficult to ski, but many of them had a packed and rutted bumpiness that was unpleasant at higher speeds. They were certainly adequate, but with a couple of exceptions, not great.

Currie Bowl and Cedar Bowl except for Cedar Ridge were closed when I was skiing this morning, but there was lots of blasting going on and I imagine they might have opened this afternoon. Visibility was generally good except for, surprise, some fog at the top of White Pass.

At 2:20 PM it is a balmy 4 C at the house, but this is a little lower than it was about an hour ago. The sky is now mainly cloudy.

Finding Bear this crowded on a Wednesday morning did not bode well for the off trail stuff.

A couple of folks enjoy (I think) the soft but heavy snow of Boomerang.

I just can't resist this view. It is not the first time, nor likely to be the last, that you will see a shot like this from the top of Timber Express.

The trees in Siberia Bowl.

The beginner's nemesis; the switch back on Falling Star as seen from above.