January 27, 2000

Sun and a little bit of Snow

It was ski club day and I didn't get to anything gnarly or really even off of the blues except for a final solo run down Diamond Back. However from what I could see, the little bit of snow that fell yesterday, 3 cm according to the hill, was definitely beneficial. There were still lots of moguls with dubious intentions, but there was enough soft fill to make things a bit smoother. In a few places there was enough new and blow in to be quite delightful, although it was never more than a few centimetres deep. Except for the odd scraped mogul bottom or similar nasty spot, everything was still pretty compliant when it came to the edging business and the groomed stuff remains very friendly.

I still found it chilly up, but the base temperatures were much warmer today, although I think it stayed out of the melting range. Clouds hung right over the mountain and it was even a little bit foggy at the top of White Pass, but it was generally quite sunny and so the scenery was great.

At twenty to nine it is -7 C at the house and I can only find one star in a quick glance about.

Currie Bowl from the ski hill road near my place. Diamond Back is on the left and Stag Leap is on the right.

Looking at Snow Creek Lodge from the base of the Deer Lift. A sliver of Cornerstone Lodge is visible on the right.

Pretty, isn't it? The three sisters from the top of Diamond Back.