January 25, 2000

Very Good Packed Skiing

That is kind of a sad title for a die hard Fernie powder addict, but even those just putting in time waiting for the next dump can probably have a good time on this stuff. Coverage is still generally excellent, real ice is exceedingly rare and indeed almost everything accepts an edge very nicely. The mogul situation is mixed with some places having critters that are altogether too pointy for my tastes, but other areas, like Tom's run, with mere suggestions of bumps. Most stuff is somewhere in between these extremes and even where fairly firm, still quite edgeable.

The odd soft turn is still available in the trees, but compacted is pretty much the rule. In fact I suspect there is getting to be a real possibility of a dangerous slide on the steeper slopes if one should do a header. Given the steepness of some of our slopes and the trees and hazards that are often below you, this is something to take seriously.

The cruiser folks must have been smiling today, for the groomers were all fast but highly carvable and I guess near ideal.

I kept my record of sun avoidance nearly intact by missing yesterday's bright conditions. Although the sun never really seemed to make it completely out today, the visibility was quite good, even up on White Pass. It was a bit cool this morning with a temperature at the house of around -12 C, but the fact I even mention it only reflects our long run of near ideal temperatures.

At 7:20 PM it is -9 C and as far as I can tell, overcast.

Snow drifts across the bottom of Lizard Trail from one of the guns that now run pretty much continuously in the base area.

Snake Ridge

Looking North up the Elk Valley from the top of the Timber Express.

The beginner run into Currie from the top of White Pass. (Just kidding).

Express elevator to Lizard Bowl by way of the Corner Pocket. Exposed rocks in the middle of it served as a good excuse to look elsewhere. :-)

Looking across Currie from somewhere about the top of Tom's run.