January 16, 2000

Day Time Dump

There was only a bit of new snow in the driveway when we headed out around 9:30 this morning, but it was starting to snow fairly hard and at times during the day it matured into classic Fernie dump rates. Of course it was soft almost everywhere, but the weekend traffic meant it was pretty chopped up in most spots. However we found lots of nice turns, even though we didn't visit many of the normal stashes.

Initially everything but the Face Lift and the Cedar High Traverse were open, but around noon Easter Bowl and Currie closed in quick succession. As far as I know everything else managed to stay open the rest of the day.

There were occasional breaks in the snowfall during the day, but these were generally short and followed by reinvigorated dumps. However the snow stopped right around closing time and has not restarted yet.

At ten to eight in the evening, it is now 0 C at the house and that is a bit unsettling since it was -4 C around five.

One of Davin's friends discovers that even Powertrip has its down sides. He completely disappeared over a lip after missing a turn and when we slid up and peered over the edge, there he was in the powder and cedars. Climbing out was a bit tricky though.

All sign flips are not good. In this shot looking across Dancer towards Easter, the skier in the middle is a patroller opening the signs to close Easter Bowl.

Cedar Bowl from the gentle trees beside Cruiser.

The KC chutes still have more than enough alders to keep you on your toes, but they are pretty navigable now.

Usually I take pictures from the Boom chair, but this one is looking down under the chair from the Punji Chutes.