January 15, 2000

It was good for me!

Another night, another 15 cm. Life is good! The temperature had risen considerably to a worrisome -2 C by the time I went to bed last night, but the falling flakes still looked friendly. Getting our daughter to ski school and our son linked up with his friends serves as a good excuse for why we didn't get a very early start, but it didn't seem to impair our ability to get some fine turns. My haunts seemed to have excellent quality snow, but I heard reports of somewhat heavy and maybe even slabby snow in the middle of Lizard. My 8 year old complained that the snow that her class encountered in Currie was less than light, but she is even more spoiled than I am. I did not make it to Currie to check it out for myself, but the snow on Diamond Back was indeed a tad heavy, but still well up on my smile index.

As you can probably tell from the pictures, where it was good, it was very good indeed. Where it wasn't so good, it was still very good. :-) The moguls adn cruisers I skied were all soft and carvable, however the snow farther down on the mountain was somewhat heavy in places and might not age well without a freshener.

At 7:20 PM it is an encouraging -6 C at the house and no snow is falling. While visibility seems pretty good, there are no stars showing.

High quality and legal substance for inducing euphoria. A nice patch of powder on Red Tree..

Which was indulged in seconds later by this user.

A run or so later I caught this guy bursting out of the powder on Bear chutes.

Mammoth Head from the top of the Timber chair.

Looking down the new run beside Black Cloud. I guess I should get a new trail map, but then I would be kind of obligated to update my web map. Sigh... The lift passing by at the bottom is the Timber Express.

The bottom of Currie Bowl swarming with exiting skiers and boarders.