January 14, 2000

Tracked and Chopped

After a steady succession of each day being better than the previous, I found that at least by the time I got out this afternoon, today did not quite measure up to yesterday's orgasm of powder. That is not to say there was anything wrong with the skiing today. It was excellent by any reasonable standard, with soft snow everywhere and even some deep turns for those who went looking.

However fluffy moguls turns had replaced the basic wallowing of yesterday and tracked and chopped was the rule in most places. On high traffic areas like North Ridge, you might even hear your skis occasionally scrape over a firm spot or two. Still this is the whining of a severely jaded manic depressive who is just a little down at the thought of using those sharp metal things on the sides of the skis again. ;-)

I almost forgot to take any pictures today, so these are from the last ride up and run down. Once again picture taking conditions were not the best, as it was snowing fairly hard at the time. Unfortunately it seems to have stopped now, but the weather weenies are still calling for more. Just before five PM, it is -10 C and overcast at the house.

Somebody working the soft chopped on Boomerang.

Looking up Sunnyside...

and over towards the top of Ballet from the same spot.

Doug rips the soft packed moguls on China Wall with his mono.