January 13, 2000

Surely this must be illegal

It is hard to imagine how anything so delightful as the deep silky snow of today has escaped the notice of anally retentive regulators. The official report only listed 8 cm new this morning, but it snowed hard all day, sometimes at Fernie mega rates, so the turns I made this afternoon with my men's day group were luscious indeed. Once again Snake had honours for the most delightful snow - mid thigh fluff that you could just think your way through. We never even made it over to the new side, but my wife reported that the Concussion Chutes in Currie were deep and delicious. Everything was powder, but it was so light and friendly I would think all but the snow plough crowd must have enjoyed it.

Given the prodigious snowfall rate, everything stayed open surprisingly long, but on our last run upper Lizard at least had been closed. If there is significant snowfall overnight, I think we can assume most stuff will be closed tomorrow morning.

My apologies for the crummy pictures, but neither the lighting nor my head were exactly photo friendly this afternoon. <g> Also a pending parent - school meeting is making for a pretty rushed report.

At 6:30, it is -6 C and the snow is stopped, but more is forecast.

Just outrageously good snow on Snake Ridge.

My Hero. ;-) Dave 'Buck' Rogers ran the ski school in the Heiko era and is one of the smoothest skiers I have ever encountered. Alas the low light and slow shutter speeds left him a little fuzzy today.