January 12, 2000

Yet More Powder

The snow was ankle deep and fluffy in our driveway again this morning. The hill was reporting 15 cm new and although I only got out for a few quick or perhaps not so quick :-), noon time runs with my wife, it seemed like more in several places. Snake Ridge was just superb, with nice over the knees friendly fluff providing a delightful trip down. I also found deep and tasty turns in the windows chutes,

The snow in Currie did not seem quite as plentiful or high quality, but that could have been do to a less than optimal route choice on our single run in there. In any event it was still excellent by any standard and only suffered in comparison with the outstanding previous runs.

The crowds (not quite the right term) were light today and all the lifts had lots of empty slots on them and of course line ups were nonexistent.

At 4:15 PM it is -5 C at the house with a cloudy sky and the odd snow flurry

Looking back up at the top of the Bear T-Bar from Cedar Bowl.

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a tree, at least on Cedar Ridge

A fellow mentioned on FernieTalk that a lack of signs made it hard for newcomers to find their way around, something that seemed pretty plausible when I started looking for them. Coincidentally this new crop appeared at the top of White Pass today and may help somewhat.