January 10, 2000

Just another Great day

So far the year 2000 has been very kind to Fernie. Every day of the year so far has been very good or excellent and this was one of the best. No snow fell after the hill closed yesterday, but this morning was unexpectedly clear and sunny. Perfect weather for avalanche control work. :-) The name of the game today was to hang around the next area you thought would open. For some folks this apparently meant standing in long lines at the fence line waiting for the sign flip, but my skiing companion and I just sucked up the excellent skiing that was everywhere and then slid into the newly opened areas behind the initial mad rush. This did not seem to deprive us of a continuous stream of nice fresh turns.

I was a little disappointed in the snow we first encountered in Lizard as it was somewhat denser than yesterday and while still very, very nice, not quite up to premium standards. However Snake Ridge served up a delightful deep powder that needed no excuses. Red Tree was probably my run of the day in a day with many fine runs, including Easter Bowl, the Windows Chutes and Currie Bowl. All had deep excellent powder.

The clouds moved in about noon and some more snow even started to fall. This has stopped for now, at least down at the house, but a big dark cloud is sitting over the mountain and the temperature is a powder friendly -8 C.

Chopping up Arrow while waiting for the signs to change.

A rare bit of sun calls for a scenery shot - Griz Peak above what I call the cedar center trees.

Perhaps two scenery shots. Here Snake Ridge gets the last of the sunlight before the clouds move in. Taken from the base of the Bear gun tower.

Red Tree from the top. Although tracked here, there were lots of freshies when it widened out just a little ways down.

Hmmm, I think this is looking up, just at the edge of Currie Creek.

Looking across the slope from the same spot. Notice how the trees living on the edge of this avalanche chute are rather branch challenged on the upper side.