January 09, 2000

Oink, Oink, Snort, Grunt

Yes, it was a Fernie Powder Porker's Paradise out there today, and the beasts were out in a wallowing frenzy. It wasn't in the serious breath control range, just lots and lots of nice silky flakes everywhere. The hill reported 20 cm new and I heard that another 20 had fallen by one o'clock. It certainly would be easy to believe and the result was excellent skiing.

Closures were a major feature of the day and the old side was pretty well down to a variation on the infamous Fernie triangle, which in this case meant that only Bear through Cedar Ridge was open. This caused the rapid formation of moguls, but the continuous hard snowfall kept even these soft and even late in the afternoon there were quite a few deep turns for those who went looking.

The new side faired better in the closure department. Of course Currie was closed, but pretty much everything else was open including Siberia Bowl and Ridge. At least for those fond of cuddling up to our bark covered friends there was no shortage of soft excellent turns. It really doesn't get a whole lot better than this, at least not very often.

The temperature was a bit cooler today and so even the lower slopes that had been getting kind of snarly yesterday, were in great shape. In fact, my last few boot high turns as I headed in were in the soft stuff at the side of the bunny run beside Mighty Moose.

Just after 5 PM it is -3 C and the snow has finally stopped, but the sky is still leaden.

A boarder in the powder under the Timber Express chair..

The trees on the Siberia side of Siberia ridge.

Luscious goodness in unpublicized spot 1701. ;-)

Forget unmarked hazards, how about invisible ones. This little trap was completely hidden on Cedar Ridge, until my ski found it and exercised my heel release. I was glad it was only one ski though as I wasn't in the mood for ballistic travel.