January 08, 2000

Another very good day

There was ankle deep new snow in our driveway this morning and it was snowing hard, but the snow was heavy and more suited to making snow balls than fine turns. Up on the mountain though things were much better. The snow was rather dense, but it sliced and diced wonderfully and certainly wasn't the crud I feared. The official numbers were saying 13 cm in the last 24 hours, but it seemed like more as untracked areas were nice smooth carpets.

A progression of openings during the day kept new fixes arriving for those in need and my son and I were able to score very nice runs on Decline, Easter Bowl and the Windows Chutes. As a final treat, Currie Bowl opened late in the day. While there was a veritable traffic jam on the traverse to the Concussion Chutes, the folks all kind of melted away in the expanses, leaving us with a very nice run down somewhere in the vicinity of Barracuda. Strangely enough some of the traverse crowd were siphoned off by the Corner Pocket which was improbably open given that the Saddles were closed.

The hill is now reporting a base in excess of 2 m and it shows in the rapidly dwindling alder population on Boomerang, Bear Chutes and other places, not that they are hard to find if you go looking. The line ups I saw at Boomerang chair were the longest I have encountered so far this year, including Christmas break. However line ups on Timber and White Out Pass (yep, that described it again) chairs were modest whenever we were there. The only other negative was that the snow very low on the hill packed down very firmly, to the point of almost being icy in spots. Fortunately this did not extend far up the hill.

At ten to eight it is a dripping 0 C out on the porch and the earlier snow has stopped again.

Cedar Ridge.

A pristine upper Decline. Alas there were a couple of tracks below us that we had to avoid. ;-)

There was no problem avoiding tracks here though. Easter Bowl the way I like it.

My son the Alder Boy in the middle Windows chute.

I don't know that I have ever skied under trees before. This will become rather interesting as the snow depth continues to increase. It is in the skier's left window chute.

Lest anyone be tempted to use the word powder for the snow at the base, consider this sausage snow drooling off of our neighbor's roof.