January 07, 2000

A Fine Day

I didn't want to go skiing today. I was tired and grumpy, my legs hurt from yesterday's cross country thrashings, I would be skiing alone and the official ski report, which I am now privileged to receive by 4:00 AM fax, reported no new snow. That was a little strange since there was a bit in the driveway, but there had been no symphony of blasts this morning to announce a fresh dump. In any event the cat and computer both looked warm and cuddly and a couch potato day looked very tempting. However duty called and I dragged myself out to do my little bit in Charlie's mogul construction crew. ;-)

Of course I am glad I did as I almost always am when I overcome my sloth and actually do things. Despite the report, a few centimeters of dense new snow had either fallen or been blown in and it provided a delightful carving surface everywhere on the mountain. It was the kind of stuff that can almost convince you that you know what you are doing. :-)

The trail over to Snake from the top of the T-Bar ended up a bit lower than normal and cuts across the top of extreme hazard before getting to the ridge just before the top of Red Tree, but it was quite quick and only required a bit of climbing. I had a sniff at Steep and Deep, but found it only suitable for those with a serious alder fetish and so bailed out down what I guess is Wallies Follies. There was a bit of wind pack on the exposed slopes and certainly no deep powder, but it skied very nicely. I even ventured a rare run down Kangaroo and, surprise, found it covered in moguls. That nice hero blanket even did its trick here though and even the pointed parts carved nicely, but one has to navigate through a line of assorted hazards at the point where the old Cedar Trail crosses the run.

It was quite foggy at the top of White Pass, but fortunately this cleared up before you went very far down. Corner Pocket and Saddles were open today and as usual I chose the wimpier Saddles. Other than flat light and a few rocks near the top, which I skillfully avoided using pure luck, it was pretty nice. Once it opened up there was even some quite tasty powder turns to be made.

I dragged myself up to the top of Siberia Ridge today and was surprised to find the first part of the ridge appears to be wider than I recall. Indeed it was groomed for quite a ways, but eventually regressed to the narrow mogulled and mean little run I remember from the only other time I was down it. Actually it wasn't too bad today, but that was largely do to the forgiving snow.

It was snowing quite hard this afternoon and continues to snow lightly as I write this at 6:45. However the temperature is hovering around 0 C, which always makes me nervous.

A very fuzzy shot of some guy working the Boomerang moguls. I'll blame poor light for the quality, but included it as it shows the current state of the run rather well.

The hero snow carved very nicely.

I got an email message last week from someone who was concerned about the number of trees pictured in my reports, so I took this shot in the center of Cruiser just to show that we do indeed have open spaces. I just tend to avoid them. :-)

Although I do like it a bit more open than this. Steep and Deep still has a rather nasty alder infestation that needs to be treated with copious amounts of snow. Spruce is on the left in the background with lower Cruiser right in the middle of the picture.

Now that is more like it. What I have been calling the Morning Glory trees from the top of Siberia Ridge. Some fit of masochism made me bypass this and ski down the ridge itself.