January 05, 2000

Almost everything is open again.

Little or no snow fell overnight and this combined with good visibility allowed them to open most of the mountain today. All that remained closed was the Face Lift and upper Lizard. Of course there were plenty of eager volunteers willing to chew away on all that accumulated snow, but alas the wind had beaten them to it and created a mild wind slab in most places. One fellow from Toronto that I talked to proclaimed the stuff on Snake Ridge 'not very good' , but I had to disagree, for while it may not have been up to Collingwood standards and definitely denser than the last few days, I still thought it skied rather well and certainly was a long way from crud. From the various whoops and hoots I heard, I suspect others shared that opinion.

In sheltered areas deep in the trees the snow was often lighter and even in the relatively open Concussion chutes I found it pretty pleasant. Out on the few packed runs I was on, the conditions were excellent, with nice soft snow everywhere.

I did discover that the Bootleg Glades may not be quite ready for prime time, for while the top part was nice, an army of angry alders awaits the unwary near the bottom. Anyone skiing on anything longer than about a meter might want to wait for a bit more snow depth.

Although it was warm, the dreaded thaw did not happen and the temperature remained around the freezing mark at the bottom. At five thirty it is -2 C at the house and the sky appears to be mainly cloudy.

My wife Chris does battle with the somewhat slabby snow on Snake Ridge.

Looking across Snake Main towards Mt. Fernie. The alders are slowly losing their battle with the snow pack, but this makes them grumpy and prone to grabbing wayward skiers.

Riding the White Pass chair.

Some sunshine puts a spot light on the Concussion Chutes, with the town of Fernie in the background.

Looking back at the center of Currie from the lower part of one of the Concussion Chutes. Yeah, yeah, I know they are all supposed to have different names and only the first one is Concussion, but I never know which one I am supposed to be on.

Uh, oh. What now boss? A a big time alder trap at the bottom of Bootleg Glades.