January 02, 2000

Pow, POW, Powder

I love the sound of explosives in the morning. ;-) There is nothing like a barrage on the slopes above to announce the possibility of fine new snow and today it was celebrating 35 cm new overnight. However despite the avalanche control efforts a lot of the mountain remained closed this morning and although a lot did open as the day went on, upper Lizard, upper Cedar, Snake Ridge and all of Currie Bowl were among the areas that stayed closed.

It was kind of academic for me since I spent the day skiing the greens with our friends' kids, who were not powder savvy. Even so the bits I could grab testified to the excellent skiing available and while I didn't get to any of my normal haunts, a little diversion to the trees by Morning Glory was rewarded with delightful silky turns and almost non stop face shots. Sweet indeed and I am sure there must have been a lot of silly grins on the mountain today for it doesn't get a whole lot better.

As might be expected there were a lot of folks here today and I saw the longest lift lines so far of this holiday season. Still they weren't terrible and probably rarely exceeded five minutes and were often quite short.

At six thirty it is -10 C at the house and the snow that had been falling heavily earlier has stopped.

Siberia Ridge about noon.

Timber Bowl and upper Falling Star from the top of White Pass.