September 17, 2000

Polar Peak Picture Pig Out (Continued)

More pictures. Most of these are from the way down and for the first time we tried going straight down Currie. In the old days this would have meant alder hell, but it is now quite easy to walk down. I might even try it on the way up the next time, although I would probably come in at Traverse Trail in deference to my lungs. (First page)

Ah, childhood is such a happy time. Davin with Polaris Bowl in the background.

Looking toward Mount Fernie and the Sisters. The white area just below center is the top of Bear and a few pixels of it represent the new top station foundation, the gun tower etc.

Knots Chutes in their fall colours. Okay this is from the way up, not the way down. Sue me. :-)

Currie Bowl from the flank of Polar Peak. That South side sure looks steep in the summer (well it is pretty steep in the winter too).

However the Concussion Chutes definitely don't seem this steep in the winter. It is hard to believe the part between those rocks (below center) is a fairly common way down.

Looking back up Currie Powder at Polar Peak.

The Concussion Chutes - okay I guess they are formally the Currie Chutes now.

A last look up Currie from just below the top of Deer.