December 26, 1999

Ho, Ho, Ho, Santa didn't bring Snow. :-(

Nope, still no snow, but what we have is holding up pretty well. The runs are firm, but not icy and hold a good edge. In places the moguls are getting rather bigger and more pointy than I prefer, but they still ski well. Off trail there is still some crust in places without traffic, but even this seems to be getting firmer and easier to ski. All in all a good if not overwhelming ski day and a good day for herd skiing with the family or a couple of families as we did today. While I probably would have gotten bored fairly quickly solo skiing, it was very pleasant cruising around in a group. The crowds seemed small today and line ups were virtually nonexistent.

I was not out yesterday, but a neighbor sent me some spectacular pictures of valley clouds from up in the new side. I had hoped for a repeat today and it was indeed gorgeous up top, but unfortunately the batteries in my camera decided to die before we got over there. I did get poor substitutes from Cedar bowl, but the truly gorgeous stuff was up in the sunshine at the top of White Pass. :-(

At 6 PM it is now clear and -8 C at the house.

Morrisey Ridge rises out of a sea of low lying valley clouds.

Looking down Cruiser and peeking under the clouds

Herd skiing (dots in center) down Sunnyside.