December 24, 1999

Good on Groomed, Sigh...

It's 'good on the groomed' is what I kept hearing today. Notwithstanding the fact that the phrase is clearly an oxymoron <g>, there is the implied corollary that what isn't groomed might be less than good. In fact it wasn't all that bad, but so-so would be about as high as I would rate it. In most places it was either chopped crust or moguls of ever increasing firmness and there were spots where that crust had a bit of a mean streak. It was certainly skiable and even fun, but it was hardly the stuff of dreams. Surprisingly we did find a few centimeters of powder on Decline, but it wasn't enough to really mask the crud beneath and instead just served as a tease.

It has now been over a week since the Griz dropped anything reasonable on us and I suspect the old coot is enjoying a few Pina Coladas down in Mexico with some Canadian senators. Unfortunately the forecast is for more of the same, so all we can hope is that the weather folks maintain their traditional accuracy. :-)

It was good on the groomed though.

At 5:15 it is -5 C under a gray, but ungenerous sky.

Merry Christmas to all!

The foggy trail into Cedar Bowl from the top of Bear. A woman watching me take this picture pointedly questioned my sanity and seemed a bit unconvinced by my explanation that it was the fog itself I was trying to show.

Fortunately the fog stayed pretty high as can be seen in this picture of upper Cedar Ridge from Cedar Main. The wide cat track that is lower Cruiser is runs across the picture on the other side of the gully.

The KC Chutes, in the foreground, is still rather twiggy for my tastes. Snake Main is in the upper center of the picture and the extreme hazard area is at the right.

Frosted trees in Siberia Bowl. Unfortunately the camera couldn't catch the interesting glow of the sun through the fog.

Looking down Falling Star in Siberia Bowl.