December 20, 1999

Beginner Report

I was only out for about an hour and a half today and that was on groomed runs with my young daughter, so this is a pretty limited report.

It was quite chilly up at the top of Timber and White Pass, largely due to a cutting wind. We did a trip down Currie Powder and found a number of rocks exposed on the upper parts by the groomer. However the firm wind pack and little bit of blow in beside the groomed skied very well though and was pretty much hazard free.

Tara wasn't too impressed by the cold wind up top, so the rest of our brief excursion was spent on the lower slopes. This groomed stuff was quite firm, but not icy and held a good edge. Some combination of snow making and grooming had greatly improved the area around the base and while still far from perfect, it is now certainly acceptable.

At 3:30 it is -3 C under a mainly cloudy sky at the house (which may or may not survive the impending 12 year old's birthday party).

Looking down Currie Bowl.

and looking back up the center of Currie

The Currie Creek run (last of the Concussion Chutes) descends from up by the Cling On.

Tara on a junior skiers favorite - Power Trip.