December 14, 1999


Another night and Griz dropped off another 20 cm, this time of nice light powder. Who wouldn't smile! Up top there was boot high silky snow that begged to be stirred, not shaken. More terrain was open today, including Lizard Bowl from the top of Bear and Currie Bowl opened later in the day. Although I did not try Currie myself, the exhausted looking boarders who I drove into town, pronounced it most 'sick'. Still I did not feel overly envious for there was plenty of very fine skiing everywhere up top. The lower runs were still crunchy under the thinner leavings they received and while they were certainly fine for exit runs, they would have been less satisfactory as a steady diet.

On my way off of the hill I stopped by the latest civilizing force on the mountain, namely the new Mountain Pantry. This lives underneath Gabriella's at the fork in the Ski Hill road and superficially resembles a dressed up convenience store, which I guess is what it is. However they seem to have a much better selection than that tag implies and aim to provide condo dwellers with sufficient supplies to be able to prepare entire meals. Certainly they have more upscale stuff than the normal tacos and salsa including some fresh fruit and vegetables and the promise of interesting fresh bread. They are even angling to get a license to sell beer, liquor and wine. I think this is a pretty significant addition to the ski hill as more folks are arriving to stay in suites and condos and don't necessarily have vehicles or perhaps wish to indulge in a few cool ones after skiing rather than trekking into Fernie.

However I suspect it will present me with a great personal challenge for they have excellent coffee which shares nothing other than the name with the steeped P-Tex shavings they serve in the day lodge. Combine that with a fine cookie selection and I can envision a serious fiscal and waist line threat every time I walk by on the way from skiing. :-)

Just a little before 7 PM it is -4 C with nice fat fluffy flakes once again falling.

The Elk River as it flows by the base of the Ski Hill road. It doesn't have much to do with skiing other than maybe showing the weather, but it looked neat when I snapped it..

A very nice fluffy Lizard Bowl with the Easter Bowl ridge in the background.

Civilization arrives on the hill in the form of the Mountain Pantry.

Practically in the city now - a bank machine and the Holy Starbucks Dispenser. The guy at the counter is Keith and he is the one to grumble to if your favorite brand of anchovies aren't available.