December 06, 1999

Update Dec 7, 1999 - Friday's the day after all

The snow in my driveway only came up to my ankle bone this morning and I doubted that it would be enough to make Friday a go. I didn't get up on the hill today, but when I got back to the house a few minutes ago, there was a fax waiting confirming that the hill will indeed open on Friday. It went on to say that there was 100 cm base up at the snow plot (not a great deal for Fernie) and that coverage on the lower slopes was only fair, so one should be aware of early season conditions. Still the lifts will be running. :-)

Never Trust a Weatherman

I had hoped to be the bearer of glad tidings today, but I am afraid all I can offer up is some fuzzy pictures. The snow promised for today only ended up being a couple of centimeters in my driveway, and did not seem to be much more on the lower hill, although it was enough to erase all trace of my foot prints from yesterday.

I checked in at the hill office and the official word is that they will open Friday if they get enough snow, but they don't have enough now. The problem is apparently the area right around the base and that pesky creek flowing across the bunny hill. They are confident that the creek will bridge with enough snow, but they will probably have to decide on Wednesday about whether to open Friday. That only give the Griz a couple of days to get off his duff and provide the needed white stuff, so my confidence that they would be open this weekend is now in tatters. :-(

Environment Canada is predicting up to a further 5 cm tonight, flurries tomorrow and snow on Wednesday (please see report title). I think it may be time to offer up those old Rossis in sacrifice to the snow gods.

At five PM it is 0 C and snowing lightly at the house.

Silver Fox from the top of Deer Chair.

Stagleap from the top of Deer Chair - perhaps not quite ready.

The bottom of Currie Bowl.