December 05, 1999

A Skiff and a Promise

Morning brought a thin layer of new snow and steady, but light snow fell throughout the morning. The snow stopped early in the afternoon without much accumulation, but Environment Canada was promising more for tonight. I see that is now revised to tomorrow and the total expected in the valley only amounts to 5 cm, but every bit helps. Indeed with opening day supposedly only 5 days away, a nice dump would be most welcome. While the lower runs do generally look fine, I saw some (gasp!) rocks on Dipsy just where it meets Lizard Trail. (This area was torn up during the summer in preparation for next years lift installation and thus does not have the layer of thatch that underlies most of the front cruiser runs).

At ten to five (I don't really have to put PM do I?) it is -1 C and cloudy.

Lizard etc. from the reservoir dam. Okay, so this is hardly the first time I have taken a shot from there, but it is a nice spot on a sort of standard exercise walk.