December 03, 1999

Another Dull Report

We are just putting in time waiting for another dump and opening day, hopefully in that order. It did snow quite hard yesterday, but warm temperatures did not leave much accumulation at the base. Perhaps there is more farther up, but I noticed yesterday that the upper part of Kodiak and Boom Ridge still have a fair amount of plant life sticking up. A lot more of the hill is groomed now though and a steady stream of folks are climbing up and riding down.

Most of the lower stuff looks to be in pretty good shape, but the base area is in pretty rough shape. An interesting feature is a ditch that runs across the bunny hill from Cornerstone Lodge to the creek under the Snow Creek lodge. This thing has a significant amount of water flowing through it and I would think it would be tough to successfully cover with snow. In any event this area is clearly going to need some work before next Friday.

At 5:15 PM it is cloudy and 0 C at the house.

A slushy ski hill road with Gabriella's (now in operation) on the left and the day lodge on the right..

One of a gaggle of boarders taking turns on getting air off of the water plant hump. Please don't do this when the hill is open as the landing is blind and often toddler infested.

Lower Holo Hike, above Heiko's house. Heiko is out of frame to the left, but didn't want me to take a picture of him brushing up on his snowboarding skills. :-)

The base area is still a mess from the construction. The bottom of the Elk chair is on the right and part of Snow Creek Lodge is in the upper left.

I wonder what they will do about this. Cornerstone Creek flows across the bunny hill with a few sheets of plywood serving as bridging. I am standing on the mighty moose lift line.