November 28, 1999

Update November 30

Heavy rain this morning with green trees to at least the top of Bear. They are forecasting flurries tonight and tomorrow though.

It is 3 C just before four with heavy skies but no precipitation at the moment.

Update November 29

Opening day has been postponed until December 10th :-(

Waiting for opening day

There is not much to report today. A little fluff fell yesterday, but not enough to justify firing up the blower and in any event most of the stuff in the driveway melted in today's warmer temperatures.

There was no melting up on the hill though and a stroll up Deer way confirmed the gentle lower cruisers that have been groomed seem to be in shape for opening. Steeper front runs like Diamond Back and the Decline trio are still a mass of assorted entanglements, but that is normal for this time of year0. Overall the lower part of the hill is more encouraging than it was at this time last year and lacking the ambition to walk up and look around, I can only surmise that the upper runs are probably better too.

I stopped by the Cornerstone Lodge on my way down and peeked in the windows of the main floor. This is supposed to house a restaurant and other stores, but so far is pretty much just a shell. I have heard that the Kelsey's that is going in there isn't supposed to open until January or February, but I thought the day care, which is supposed to be open on opening day, was supposed to be in there somewhere too. It obviously must live somewhere else than where I was looking.

While the roof bits for Lizard Creek are gone from the bunny run, the area around Cornerstone and below still is pretty torn up and muddy, but presumably something that can be fixed with some creative grooming. Lizard Creek is also still primarily a construction site, but what I could see from my snooping gave some credence to their claim that they will be opening Thursday. This is the first time I have walked through the site and I was amazed at how big the final complex will be. The first phase shown in the picture is only a small fraction of what the whole thing will be.

Is Fernie going to the dogs? Sorry, I couldn't resist.
Dog sledding is a new activity available at FAR this winter..

Looking down the lower part of the Timber lift line.

'Some natural hazards may be present.'
In abundance in the case of the bottom of Diamond Back and other rawer runs. Another big dump would be nice.

The lower groomed stuff looks good. This is Silver Fox and the Elk Valley from the top of the Deer lift.

Opening in five days eh? I don't think Cornerstone is going to be quite ready.

Phase one of Lizard Creek lodge.