November 22, 1999

A Little More Snow

Just after I reported the snow stopping yesterday it started up again and deposited another nice little package. As a result the snow in most place I wandered around on the lower runs was now just about at the top of my Sorels (note footwear change). There were many more board and even some ski tracks coming down from above and lots of people walking up to get a run, something my charter membership in the Royal Brotherhood of the Sloth expressly forbids.

I stopped in at the hill office on the way down and was told they are now aiming for December 3rd as the opening date. Given the current conditions and semi normal weather I would think there is a good chance of that actually being the date. Unfortunately it is also the start of two day volleyball tournament my kid is in. :-

Dipsy, China Wall and the top of Bear from the reservoir dam.

Looking down Silver Fox from the top of the Deer Lift

The newly resculptured bottom of Currie Bowl

Looking across the valley from the Meadow run.