November 21, 1999

Griz is feeling MUCH better now!

Gee, two reports in two days! Ski season must be near. :-) Indeed this report was occasioned by the first white morning of the season and while we are hardly wading through drifts in the driveway, it is a start. Of course there is more snow up on the hill and I can attest to the fact the snow depth at the Bear's Den is slightly greater than the height of a standard hiking boot. :-(

If one looks back at my reports for this date for the previous three years, it seems that the snow we have now is pretty similar to the last two years, but then there was that awesome fall of 1996. Sigh.

Actually I haven't been all that stoked about skiing this fall, perhaps due to some trepidation about the hordes that are rumoured to be descending this season - keeping in mind, to paraphrase the venerable Pogo line, the hordes is us. Still skipping down the somewhat snow covered lower slopes, the juices certainly started to flow and it wasn't hard to imagine cutting a few turns.

At 3:50 PM it is 0 C at the house and the snow has just about stopped falling

The first dusting of the season for the traditional dump meter/Mazda..

Okay there is a ways to go yet. Lower Lizard Trail with the Deer Chair overhead.

Apparently the boarders who made these tracks on Power Trip weren't put off by a 5 cm unpacked base. :-)

I tried taking a picture of the Bear run, but a most satisfying snowfall made for a most unsatisfactory result, so I had to settle for something close and not white.