October 26, 1999

Now Selling - The New Fernie Motto?

Okay, perhaps that heading is a bit mean spirited, but as I was walking up the ski hill road today, past the sign in the first picture, I was struck by just how common those words seem to be around here just now. The construction frenzy continue unabated in all its muddy glory. Even though I am through the Highline subdivision fairly often, I am still caught off guard by how fast things are changing up there and how much work is going on.

One of the 'Wonders of Highline' is Heiko's new driveway. This long steep concrete master piece is heated with its own boiler and glycol system. I had wondered how the water would drain off of it, but it is steeply crowned and grooved, so the water should, at least in theory, run off to the sides. It is going to be interesting to see how it works once the cold weather and snow arrives.

I found Heiko cleaning out a culvert and could not resist attempting to get a picture of him is such a classic pose. For those who don't know, Heiko was the principal owner and guiding force behind the Fernie ski hill from almost its inception until the Lake Louise group bought the hill a couple of years ago. He is legendary locally for his prodigious work ethic and for never asking an employee to do something that he wasn't willing to do. Unfortunately for the employees that did not rule out much.

As you can probably gather from the pictures, it has been a gray and rainy couple of days. There still is no snow to speak of in the ski area proper, but at least the rock bands once again have a white dusting.

Starting today my ski hill site is living on a Linux box that has left home and gone off to live in a friend's basement in Calgary. There it can sip on the delights of his broadband access. This should mean quicker downloads for you lucky city folk who have baud rate to burn, but if anyone has any problems with it, please let me know.

At 18:20 it still cloudy, but not so leaden looking. It is 5 C.

Signs, signs, everywhere signs

Snowcreek Lodge is in the background and Cornerstone in the right foreground in this shot taken from the steps of the ski shop.

Looking back in the other direction from the Snow Creek Lodge deck. I had suspected that the pool would be a prime snowball target for riders of the Mighty Moose, but probably most tykes can't throw that far. :-)

Another load of trees is trapped, skinned and delivered to the construction maw.

Heiko's driveway and grill.

Our founding father in a classic pose.

There is lift beyond construction. Lizard bowl from the top of the Elk chair.