October 10, 1999

Firmly Fall

With the mid October trees ablaze with all the shades of, well yellow, the leaves are getting ready to fall in earnest. For some reason the deciduous trees of the Rockies are seriously challenged in the red pigment department, so while our mountains may be spectacular, fall always seems somehow lacking.

Still it is quite pretty this time of year, at least when you can actually see the mountains. Much of last week was cloudy and rainy with the odd dash of monsoon thrown in - in other words fairly typical fall weather here. It did clear up a bit for this weekend, which is the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday much to the horror of turkeys across the land. I still managed to find myself riding in a snow shower yesterday (no there was no accumulation), but today was fairly nice with a reasonable amount of sun, so I dragged body and bike up the hill and shot a few pictures. As you have probably guessed by the pointless meandering of this text so far, there really isn't much other excuse for a report.

More filler: - During the summer I largely avoided riding down hill bike trails on the mountain so as to avoid being a moving (barely) obstacle to the testosterone pumped gladiators screaming down the hill. Since all is quiet up there now, I took the opportunity to pick my way down one of the easier runs. It was blessed with a black diamond, but that is about where the ratings start and most trails have two, three or more. In any event it was tough enough to earn me a chief wus award with training wheel clusters and reaffirm the wisdom of my not trying to report on local mountain biking.

If you are interested, please check out my new listings section at <http://far.redtree.com/listings>. Right now it is just a replacement for my accommodations pages with the important advantage that people can add and maintain their own listings. (There is no charge for having a listing on my pages by the way). However there would appear to be lots of potential to extend it to other areas such as restaurants, stores, services and even entertainment listings and classified adds. If you have comments,criticisms or suggestions, please let me know.

At quarter past six it is 8 C and the clouds have pretty much won again.

The Wheel of Heiko turns as the seasons change. :-)
Timber Chair marches up the hill in the background

The Bear replacement liftline from just above where its base will be. Lizard Trail leads up to the right and the cat track to the bottom of China Wall heads off to the left.

Lizard Bowl does its best to imitate fall finery.

The top of the Elk Chair wistfully awaits action with Mount Fernie, Procter and the Sisters in the background.

Obligatory development shot 1. The top of the Mighty Moose lift with Cornerstone Lodge below it.

Obligatory development shot 2. The entrance to the Highline subdivision taken from the ski hill road by the horse barns. The large buildings are all (I think) parts of the Cedar Ridge development.