September 22, 1999

A Little Late

I try to always post a report on the same day I take the pictures, but although I got out for some pretend exercise slogging up the hill on my bike yesterday, I just couldn't find time to do anything with the shots I took. However it isn't like the slope conditions have varied much overnight, so I am making use of them today.

Every time I head up through the new Highline subdivision I am impressed by what a hive of activity it is. Because of the two year time limit to start construction, the area is filling in rapidly and looking more urban all the time. Unfortunately large houses, steep slopes and small set back requirements result in a rather less rural feel than I would like. I imagine it will look much nicer once the construction is complete and people are able to plant trees and shrubs etc., but there is only so much you can do when your eaves are practically overlapping.

Which leads me, oh so coincidentally, into passing along a notice that the ski hill will be holding an open house to get further comments on their draft Official Community Plan on Wednesday (how convenient) October 6th from 4 to 8 PM in the day lodge. If you are a property owner or a prospective owner of property up on the ski hill you may want to check this out. Folks who have registered with our community association (there is no charge) have been getting email updates on this process and we will be having a community association meeting on Saturday (more convenient we hope) October 2 at 2 PM in the Griz Inn restaurant. If you are a property owner of any kind (house, condo or business) and you aren't in our database, please drop me a line and I will tell you how to be included and in any event please try and make the meeting on the 2nd.

Okay, okay, I know most of the people reading this have little interest in the OCP, but this time of year it is hard to come up with decent slope reports. I could mention that the grass is getting dry and scratchy and the thistles are in disgustingly good health if that would help. For what its worth the weather has been just tremendous the last little while. September is often a great month, with lots of sunshine but a little cooler and more pleasant temperatures than August. Since we all know the fall rains can't be far off, you must enjoy it while you can.

On Thursday morning at 11:30 it is bright and sunny and 16 C.

Parts of Highline are starting to look pretty urban. This is the upper road.

A close couple!

Looking down Elk at the new Cornerstone Lodge in the foreground and the Timberline condos in the background.

The view from the top of Deer.

The land scraping boys have been busy at the bottom of Currie Bowl

One last shot of the base area from under the Timber chair. The day lodge is in the center, with Cornerstone to the left and the Griz Inn, sporting its new trailer court green livery, to the right.