September 14, 1999

Just a report

I don't really have anything to report, but I took a few pictures on my ride today and needed an excuse to use them.

Construction continues at a frenzied pace, but that is no longer news. The roof line of the Cornerstone Lodge is becoming clearer and the structure now dominates the nearby Tamarack and daylodge buildings. Next spring the daylodge will be toasted to make room for a second phase of the Cornerstone and eventually this whole area will be surrounded by these beasts.

It has been lovely here the last few days, with comfortably cool temperatures and lots of sun. The view of Lizard Bowl from the Bear's Den was quite pleasant and definitely at odds with the sounds of mechanical anguish coming from it. This turned out be emanating from a fuel truck creeping its way down the cat track. I guess I never thought about where the fuel for the backup motor of the Boomerang lift came from.

I couldn't help wondering if in a case like this you just call up and order the fuel and surprise the delivery man upon arrival. 'Yeah just follow the driveway around back.' Perhaps rookies are assigned this run to test their mettle or perhaps the fuel oil aces save these serious missions for themselves.

The clearing for next years replacement for the Bear lift appears to be done and the enormous burn piles are just smoldering remnants, leaving the air on the hill once again clear, at least temporarily.

It is clear and sunny and the porch thermometer has been fooled by direct sunshine into thinking that it is 30 C at 5:00 PM.

The new Cornerstone Lodge rises above the Tamarack and Daylodge.

Lizard Bowl - the shiny dot lower center is a fuel truck creeping down the cat track.

Easter Bowl and Freeway

Dipsy with the bottom of the Bear T-Bar in the upper center. At the left you can see where the new lift line cut emerges and at the right there is that fuel truck again.

Looking down the newly cleared area at the bottom of Freeway. This is taken from the Deer cat track right under Freeway and fresh earth beyond where Lizard Trail and Dipsy meet will be the bottom of the new lift.