July 22, 1999

What? Two thirds of July gone already!

It is amazing how fast time flies now that summer is actually here. The cool wet weather seems to have finally departed, at least for now. Today was the first day this season we have seen fit to water our lawn, although that may say more about our fitness as conscientious little suburbanites than the weather. In any event the kids summer holidays are roaring by and it seemed like I should check in with a short report, even though I don't have much to report on.

Construction at the ski hill is going drearily well with a steady stream of noisy trucks belching their way up the hill and then roaring down. You just have to love those retarder brakes. I am trying to ignore it all, so the pictures today are from somewhere else. <grin>

The big event this weekend is the moving of the West Fernie bridge. Both bridges in Fernie are being replaced with newer, wider models and while the North bridge is in a slightly different spot, the West Fernie bridge is being moved a little ways down river to allow space for the new four laner. So this Sunday night the highway will be closed from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM while the bridge is moved. A number of parties have been planned to witness the event.

Other events coming up are the Mud n Madness mountain bike races on the 7th and 8th of August, the Gathering music festival at Island Lake Lodge on the 13th to 15th and finally the BC Senior Games Aug 16th to 22nd.

Enjoy the summer while you can!

Looking towards the ski hill from the West Fernie bridge with its new accommodation being prepared.

This fellow appears to be constructing a coffer dam or something upstream of the bridge. Watching him drive through that channel was interesting.

In case you are under some illusion that the folks of Fernie are normal, you should check out Femka van Delft's art at the library and Chamber of Commerce. Her theme pokes fun at technology and modern society and I find it pretty humorous in a pleasantly warped way (Your mileage may vary). The logo on the arches in this piece reads 'Over 90 billion serfed'.

Just another lovely evening in the mountains. <grin> This was actually taken at Premier Lake which is about 2 car hours from here.